Day 43 – La Veulta – Hotel life, We could get use to this

As mentioned in our last post, we have booked into a hotel for our last night in Spain, it’s just as well as it poured with rain all afternoon and night. Here is a view of the hotel from the ferry.nor

We went out for Pizza in a classic Italian restaurant which was about 200m from the hotel and then spent the rest of the time looking at the view from our hotel room. We have booked the ferry tomorrow and it leaves at 3:15 so a long lazy morning followed by a very short ride to the ferry.

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Day 42 – La Veulta – rain and sickness

Today both Bettie and I have been feeling ill, headaches and pain, hopefully it is 24 hour flu. I also have been having a problem with my inner ear. If I turn over or stand up to quickly I get very dizzy and feel sick. Also in other good news a storm has rolled in off the bay of Biscay, 40 to 50km/h winds and rain. We took to the tent at about 3pm and stayed there. I spent the night shivering and sweating and Bettie seems to have spent her time booking us into a hotel for our last day in Spain. The good news is that the campsite is sheltered by walls and tall trees, “although it did feel like they might fall over at any moment”, the tent stayed dry if not quite cosy. So tomorrow it’s pack-up time and head to the hotel. I didn’t take any photos so here are a collection of some of my favourites from the trip.


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Day 41 – La Veulta – One of my Golfing hero’s, A plate of Winkles and Mum and Dad

Today I had a plan to ride around the bay at Santander and visit the birth place of Severiano Ballesteros, Pedreña. “Seve” as he was know by the world. He was one of the games most flamboyant golfers.

Once in a while he would crash balls off the tea all over the golf course and them magically recover, with his second shot going close to the flag or green, and then hole the put or chip in. I remember watching him beat Nice Price in the British Open, one of the best two round of golf I can remember, also his first win in the Masters. Great memories from my youth, many of them spent with my Dad watching the telly on Sunday afternoon. Dad was a very good golfer and many years later we had a great day at Royal St George’s golf club, watching the Open Golf Championship. It was just after Seve had died, the R&A had big pictures of Seve all over the entrance to the course. Great memories of both Dad and Seve. (I’ll add a photo of Dad playing golf when we get home)

Now onto the ride Google told me it was a flatish ride around the bay. Turns out you have to avoid the Docks and Seve Ballesteros Airport. So a bit of motorway and a few climbs, plus an extra 12km of riding we are Pedreña, not a golf course on sight and not even a memorial to Seve:-(

We stop in a bar over looking the Sea and find that the Tapas is a plate of Winkles

Now I hate Winkles with a passion, but my Mum used to spend hour digging the little buggers out and then eating them on slabs of white sliced bread and butter. Strange to be reminded of both Mum and Dad on the same day. You don’t think of them for months at a time and then they pop into your mind, good memories of both of them.

Anyway we took some photos from Santander side of the bay

And the ferry ride back across the bay was worth the hassle of the main roads around the docks and Airport Detour.

And to finish the day off I decided that I would have a swim in a small bay close to the campsite.

The little boy is looking at me and thinking you loser, and I hang my head in shame 😁

I have to admit it was about 10m as the water was bloody freezing. But a great view from the bar Bettie had the good sense to sit in.

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Day 40 – La Veulta – And it’s good night from me and good night from her. Someone stole the water in the pool!!!

It was a slow day today. We walked into town for some supplies and found ourselves in a bar drinking a very nice Vino Blanco. Then back to the campsite for a late lunch and a planned swim. Only to find that they have drained the bloody pool. So here is a photo from a couple of days ago, when the pool still had some water.

We then went for a short walk just to take in the view and stretch our legs.

The evenings are getting really chilly now and the contrast from the heat of the day makes it feel cold, so a early night for us.

I was going to tell you what we had for dinner, but have been informed that old people always tell you what they had to eat,😉 so have refrained for telling you.

Also on a point of toilet etiquette. You know when you go into a campsite toilet and there are 8 cubicals to choose from. Yes pick the middle of the row you should be safe? So there I sat contemplating the future wasteland of a post Brixit UK. I heard running coming towards me, I though it’s ok there are 5 cubicals not next to the one I’m in. The running gets closer and the door next to mine slams shut with a bang, followed by heavy panting and a groan, as the contents of the world and it’s brother full from the mans “assumed it was a man” bottom. This is followed by a contented sigh. It’s time for me to move on I think.

Another day in paradise 😀

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Day 39 – La Veulta – On the buses returns for a 2018 rerun.

Yes we have been on the bus today. Santander has a visitors bus that you can hop on and off at any of the 10 stops. It also has a running commentary so you can discover the delights of Santander. First of all we have a walk up to the lighthouse. Which we later discovered via the bus trip. That it was the site of one of the earliest lookout points in Spain.

Apparently on a clear day you can see 5o miles from this spot.

We had to wait quite a while for the bus, I guess because it’s low season they only run a few. But we got a tour and then went back to the town and to visit the places we liked the look of. This looks like a load of old cannon balls to me.

The wind today was from the East and had a cold edge to it. So if you kept out of the wind it felt like 25c but if you were in the wind it was more like 15c. Not a lot else to report other than Santander is busy town with lots of traffic and high rised apartments. Although it does have some quite backs streets

with nice bars and restaurants. And great views over the sea.

We had menu of the day “Menú del día” which consists of: lentil soup, fried potatoes and vegetables plus coffee for Bettie and Pasta Neapolitana, battered Sardines, and rice pudding for me, plus a bottle of wine, all for €35. Great, Nice👌.

Shopping and the beach tomorrow.

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Day 38 – La Veulta – Nothing to report, you ain’t seen me right?

Today has been a read your book by the tent day. Although Bettie did make me move the tent. Apparently it doesn’t get enough of the morning sun. Good news on the swimming front, I managed to double yesterdays distance and swam 500m although in 50m sets. This is something of a disapointment as I used to be able to swim 4km without stopping. Back in the he day as they say.

No photos today because I didn’t take any. Oh ok just one then

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Day 37 – La Veulta – Europe won the Ryder Cup, will they let the UK play next time?

Bettie and I had a nice pootle into Santander for lunch and a quick bout of site seeing. We also checked out the port for next week’s ferry crossing. The weather for the first time was on the cool side and stayed below 20c for the first time on this years trip. The beaches and views around Santander are great and here are a few photos

We just had a day chilling. The pool in the campsite is still open so I went for a swim. After 10 lengths I was knackered. I was thinking that it must be a 30m pool!! But after walking bit out it was only 25m so turns out my swimming is down to 250m before I’m knackered:-(. Must try harder tomorrow. Hoping by the end of the week I can get up to 1000m. I might also get some running shoes “not”.

We also meet Ross a cycling tourists from Jerseys. Here is a photo of him and his rig.

Just a short post for today.

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