Saturday’s 26th April 2008 BST Club Ride

Hi all this Saturday saw great weather in the South of England first warm sunny day for ages. So I grabbed the bike and headed out for the BTS Saturday club ride. It was a good turnout with about 20+ riders out. The club normally runs two 9.00am rides the A and B rides, with the, A ride, going a bit quicker and further than the B ride. They both start and aim to finish at the same time. Meet in Barry Ave, Windsor, (9.00am) for the start and then in the Chocolate Cafe on Eton bridge at about 12.30ish for a coffee refuel on some cake and great food.

I have posted a link to this Saturday’s BTS club ride below. This was the 9.00am fast ride it was a bit longer than usual, because we got a bit lost at the 50km mark. So it was a 108km ride with first 12km from my house to Barry Ave.

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