Sunday Night – Beer, Curry and Live Music

Sunday night saw a nice evening with mild weather and evening sunshine. Betty and I decided to pop into Windsor for a couple of beers and a takeaway curry. Was were planning to go to the Donkey House for the beer. This Pub is right on the river at Windsor just by the Weir and they have a few tables outside which catch the late evening sun. We had a look in on the Old Ticket Hall Windsor to check it out. Colin a person we know from the Gym had recently taken ownership of the place and they are trying to get live music back into Windsor. The two piece acoustic band were warming up and sounded quite good so we stayed for some beers. We had a chat with one of the band and he told us they would be playing a full electric session next Saturday. The guys started with a Paul Weller song (Wild Wood) so as far as I was concerned we were in for the evening. The Band were very good and we will probably be back next Saturday with a few friends to see if the full line up are as good. The less said about the curry the better, although the Poppadoms were very good and complimentary.

I have posted a short video of the band but it doesn’t really do them justice. It’s the same old, same old, you had to be their to know how good they were. PS another Paul Weller song – A Town Called Malice.

The Old Ticket Hall

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