Wednesday Night BTS Club Ride

This Wednesday evening 7th May saw The BTS club ride take on the Old Windsor Triathlon Course. I had a call from a friend Kevin (a training buddy from last year) He hadn’t been out on his bike a lot over the winter and wanted to get some miles in before the Eton Super sprints, which take place on the 17th of this month “I think he‘s leaving it a bit late“. I told him that the club ride would be leaving from the Cafe in Barry Avenue at 6.30, and gave him the impression that he would be ok to turn up and join in. He foolishly believed me!!

Anyway I met Kevin at the cafe and about 10 others BTS riders at 6.30. After a brief discussion about what ride we were going to do it was decided that some of the riders were going to take on the 10km TT along drift road and the others would ride the Old Windsor Tri route but we would ride out together.

I took the first part of the ride easy in an effort to make sure that Kevin would be OK, (He knew the route as he raced Windsor last year). So after the first 10km the TT’ers had dropped of the back. The pace began to hot up a bit. Kevin looked to be doing ok so I made my way to the front of the group, just before the ride up Hawthorn Hill.

Luke was leading the ride at this point so I decided to try and stay with him. Philippa, Ian LE, Ralph, Michael and Phil were also in close attendance. The pace was starting to really hot up now and the legs were starting to feel the pace, fortunately the top of the hill came before they gave out. A few of the riders had dropped off the back and Michael volunteered to drop back and try to drag them back to the main group. As it turn out this was a mistake because as soon as Michael realised that the slower riders were not going to get back on the pace it was too late for him to get back on. At this point in the ride I was thinking that I should drop back and have a gentle cycle back to Windsor with Kev (well for a nanosecond I thought that, Kev was on his own and I would ring him when we got to Windsor).

The turn at the roundabout on drift road saw Michael rejoin the lead group. We were about 25km in and began to rotate off the front with Ralph staying just there just a little bit too long, he missed the wheel of the last rider and dropped of the back Phil had missed a wheel on the way to the roundabout so now we were down to 5 now. I lead the pack to the foot of the hill at the junction of Winkfield Lane and Drift road. Phillipa found herself at the front up the hill which she road well but found the pace away from the top of the hill a bit too hot and dropped off (she thanked me for dropping off just before the hill later in the pub). Down to 4 now, Ian, Luke, Michael and me. We were down to 20 second on the front and I just made it up Mounts Hill which lead to a left hand turn into the great park. A quick blast through the park and we were home this is a great part of the ride as its all down hill from here. The 10km average speed splits were as follows:
1st 10km 19.20mph
2nd 10km 21.5mph,
3rd 10km 22.8mph
4th 10km 22.1mph.

We all met up later in the Vansittart Arms in Windsor for some post race hydration and a bit of banter what a great ride but new comers be aware the Wednesday night ride is a straight up training ride and takes no prisoners. “When your off the back you’re on your own”

I have upload the route to motion base and it can be found at the link below.

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