F3 Events Evening Triathlon 750m Swim 20km Bike & 5km Run

F3 Events Evening Triathlon 750m Swim 20km Bike & 5km Run

So I happened to look at the F3 events web site and notice that the first of their evening triathlons was taking place this Wednesday (28/05/08 ) at 7.00pm. I was running in a 5km race at Burnham on Tuesday night and was in two minds whether to race two days in a row.

My last Tri was a bit of a disaster I had a puncture at the start of the bike and after fixing it I was always going to be way of the pace. I decided to drive down to Dorney and have a look at what was going on and wanted to race to make up for puncture at Eton Super Sprints. The weather was shocking, a strong wind was blowing across the lake from right to left and it was raining hard. I took a look at the clouds and decided that it could only get better. I coughed up the £35 and signed on. Needless to say the weather only got worse. The race was really popular and there were about 150 other racers/fools signed on, It was so busy I couldn’t rack my bike as all the places were taken. I lent it against one the rails which turned out to be a good idea as there were so many bikes in the racking that you would have problems getting your bike in and out.

The race brief took place and we made our way down to the start. It was at this point that I realised that the swim was going to be rough as 150 or so swimmers were crammed into the start. I managed to get some space on the right side of the start line and we were away. Apart from a bit of jostling around the first two buoys the swim was quite good for me. I’m not sure that could be said for those in the middle of the pack. I came to the left turn under the bridge with two swimmers on my right and one on my left, Needless to say the guy on the left was turning right and the two on the right were going left. It was at this point that I noticed the bottom of the lake and I was only in two feet of water. I stood up and ran three paces before diving back in, in front of the other three swimmers (result :-).

Out of the swim and onto the bike went well. The first two and a half laps of the bike also went well but about 300m from the transition turn, I puncture “rear wheel“. I couldn’t believe it this was the third race that I had punctured. I was gutted and I didn’t have my pump with me so fixing the puncture was a non starter. I jogged back into transition. Darren and Neil had come to support and Neil shouted that I could use his bike to finish the bike leg. A quick swap with Neil’s shoes (size 8 mine are 9.5) so to say my toes were a bit snug was a bit of an understatement. The race was back on two laps left in a pair of shoes that were too small but the run would be a relief after this (thanks very much Neil you saved my race). There was a bit of laughter following me away from transition, It’s not often you see someone change bike in a 20km bike leg. Not only did Neil lend me his bike but Darren and Neil fixed my puncture for me while I was on the run. Cheers again guys that’s what I call supporting above and beyond the call. The report from my puncture was that there was a load of flints in my tyres. I would suggest that you check your if you raced as the course was covered in small flints that must have been blown onto the course by the strong wind. As Jerry has already said there were loads of punctures with about a dozen DNF’s. As a foot note to this when I got home my Wife pulled abig lump of flint out of my big toe!!!! I thought if was a fold in my sock on the run. Not sure if it was the run in the swim leg or transition when I pick up the flint in my foot.

I felt good on the run all the way and I finished strong. This surprised me because at the start my legs were tired from the 5km race yesterday. I was glad that I finished but my bike time would be a bit off again, still it’s all good training for Windsor.

One more big thank you to Neil and Darren it’s always good the have some support but the guys were great tonight.

And a final note to Michael I have given up fixing punctures and taken to swapping bikes it’s much quicker!!!!

Race result can be found at the link below


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