Hillingdon Aquathon 19/06/08

Just a quick note to say what a nice event this was.

A bit of mayhem at the start as 35 competitors try to fit in the space for about 10 but (no change from a normal Triathlon). Not sure if you’ve seen the outdoor pool at Eton but it’s a bit of a strange shape a long straight with two bulbous bits at each end. Anyway you swim 7.5 lengths of the pool and you have to get out at each end, run a short distance and dive back in. After the swim there is a small transition area at the side of the pool (most people were wet suited up). A quick run around the pool and out on to a three lap course of the college grounds. All for £10 great value.

Well done Guy, Kate and Michael, who continued his good form and won again by nearly two minutes.
Top Supporting from Beth and Phillipa (thanks Very much)
Also many thanks to Hillingdon Triathletes for putting on such a nice race

Result are here

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