OMG what a shocker (Bournmouth Triathlon)

I had been looking forward to this race a few of the guys at the club said that it was such a good event and would be fun to race.

The race conditions on the day were atrocious, 50mph wind, 6ft waves and pouring rain. We arrived on Saturday afternoon to register and check out the bike course and see what the sea looked like as the weather forecast was poor which for a changed proved to be accurate. We planned to camp on Saturday night but the lack of an official camp site plus 50mph winds and torrential rain convinced us that it would be better to book into a B&B.

The alarm went off at 5am and I didn’t need to look out the window to know that the weather had not improved overnight. On arriving at the transition area we were informed that the race had been changed from an Olympic distance triathlon to a sprint duathlon which was a disappointment but a quick look at the sea convinced me that this was the correct decision. I will update the site with a video and full race report later. A quick note to catch the into to the video Betty’s comments and the view through the car windscreen say it all. Also note that Betty stayed the distance and was a great supporter yet again.

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