Perranporth triathlon 2008

Race Report – Perranporth Triathlon 2008
Back in August Beth and I with a couple of friends Jeremy & Charlotte headed down to Perranporth for their annual Triathlon. It caught my notice about a year ago when I was looking on the tri talk forum and the following photo flashed up.

I thought then that I just had to have a go at that. Anyway a year later and Jeremy and I were lined up along the beach with 500 other nutters. It turned out to be quite a calm day as you will see from the video.

Link here

Beth and I got to Perranporth on Friday and pitched our tent then strolled into town to have a few beers and fish and chips (out of paper on the sea front of course) it’s the only way to eat them when you’re on the coast. We spotted a nice looking Italian restaurant so booked a table for Saturday night when Jeremy & Charlotte were due to arrived. It was Just as well we did as it was rammed full on Saturday with about 10 people waiting for a table when we arrived. We got some dirty looks as we were shown to our reserved table. We then proceeded to carbo load on Pasta and Red wine and sticky toffee pudding. The meal over we then retired to the tent for a sound night’s sleep.

Up at 7.00am the next day I got some muesli down before the race. Packed up the kit bag and cycled into town and transition so that I could get set up for the race. This race is a bit short of a full Olympic triathlon. It has about 1km swim, 38km bike ride and a 7.5km run. Having said that, the swim can be really challenging, it’s a surf beach on the North Cornwall coast (see photo above). The bike starts with a 3 to 4km climb out of town that you have to ride twice. The run is along the beach for most of the way but just to make it more interesting that pop you up a steep climb and over a headland about 1km in. So all said and done this a pretty tough race.

The start sees you walk about 1km along the beach for a mass start. A 30m run down the beach and into the surf run over the first three sets of wave and swim through the next two out to a buoy with a left turn and then along the beach to another buoy turn left again and swim in on the surf. A 300m run up the beach and into T1. The bike is a two lap route with some steep climbs but a nice downhill run into town. It’s a great bike route with some great views if you can get your breath back after the climbs. After the second lap of the bike leads you back into town and T2. Then you just have a 7.5km run to negotiate the only problem it’s along the beach with a climb up and over a headland about 1km in. This a steep climb up a single track path on loose ground and down the other side which has about 6 hairpin bends, which leads you back onto the beach. The sand is compacted but still has a lot of give so although it’s easy on your joints it saps any strength you had left in your legs pretty quickly. I managed to get around in 2.21 which I was happy with. This a great race and is well supported by the locales and race partners, I would defiantly put it down as my favourite race this year, just in front of Windsor and The Nottingham team relays. I’m looking forward to next year already.
Thanks again to Betty who is great supporter and a source of inspiration. Hopefully she will be ready to race this with me next year now that she has got 4 sprint triathlons under her belt.

Photos from the weekend

Perranporth 2008

Fred XXX

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2 Responses to Perranporth triathlon 2008

  1. alexbooker says:

    A bit of jazz trumpet making an appearance at 7mins in……. Niiiice!

  2. fred1960 says:

    You can’t beat a bit of Aka Bilk (S*%T)

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