Club ride to the BullBuster

The BullBuster is coming (OMG)
Due to a clerical error I seem to have found myself entered into Human Race’s BullBuster next week. This is a twice yearly Duathlon, it consist of an 8 mile run followed by a 24 mile bike ride and then another 8 mile run. Now this sound like a steep challenge (no pun intended) but when you throw in that it is a five lap circuit of Box Hill with 600ft of climbing on each lap you have a mother of a race.
Video from previous races.

I wanted to see what the climb was like before the race so I convinced some of the BST guys to cycle over to Box Hill to check the course out. The only problem was that Box Hill was 70km away and the forecast was for heavy rain. So with plenty of wet weather gear 8 of us setoff for Box Hill. The rain held off for the first hour but then a light drizzle set in and by the time we got to Box Hill it started to pour down. We stop at the café on top of the hill and bumped into Chrissie Wellington who was out mounting biking with a friend (if you don’t know who Chrissie is checkout the link below).

I have uploaded the garmin details of the ride to Motion base so you can check it out.

The ride up Box Hill is not that steep but it goes on for 2km and next week will be a bitch. I will update the site with my efforts, that’s if I survive the race.

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