Club Ride, Squash and a 10k Cross Country Race

This weekend saw a cold front spreading across the UK from the North East = cold winds off the North Sea. Saturday was a bright sunny day with strong winds and about 5 degrees C, So on with the full leg cycle shorts, 4 layers on top and the Gore-tex gloves. The club ride started slow but the group split after about 10miles and the pace was quite quick after the split. Well quick for me and 45 miles later I was at the café with not a lot left in the legs (Bugger all) Still a great ride and although it was cold the sun was out and there were some great views. After a quick coffee and some refuelling it was back on the bike for the 7 mile ride home. Later after a hot bath I grabbed the squash kit and headed to the club for a game with Roger. This would be tough as I hadn’t played for a mouth due to an elbow injury. Well it went OK and it was great to be back on the court again. I had a quick swim after the game to warm down but my legs would still be stiff in the morning. (Not good for what was to come on Sunday).

Earlier in the week Pottsie told me he was planning to race a 10k X country at Sandhurst on Sunday and asked if I wanted to join him. I have decided to get some running miles in over the winter so said I would join him on the start line. I woke at about 5am to find the back lawn covered in snow. Thankfully by the time I got up at 8am the rain had washed all the snow away. Still 10k through a muddy cold forest wasn’t looking like fun. I rang Neil in the hope that he would cry off (no such luck). So at 9 I headed out the door to pick up Gope (he foolishly had agreed to join us for the race) and drive over to Sandhurst for the race. It was cold and wet and the wind was still blowing strongly. The course was set in a pine forest and had some great view when the trees split up. It was a bit hilly and very muddy in places. I managed to get my running shoes stuck in the mud a couple of times but a great run, some good company, sandwiches, coffee and cake at the finish all for £3 you can’t beat that.

I have up loaded some photos from the race that Neil’s son, Thomas took.

sandhurst X Country Nov 2008

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