Berkhamsted Half Marathon Report

So Beth, Lynda and I turned up for the race, only to find that the half Marathon was full and they would not accept entries on the day.
We could still enter the fun run but the Web site had been advertising that you could enter on the day and in past years this has never been a problem. It seems that we were not the only people to get caught out. Several other runners were showing their disappointment about not being able to run. Lynda and I decided to join a few other runners and run the course half and hour in front of the main race just to get some miles in. Beth was ok as she only wanted to do the fun run anyway.

I ran the first 9 miles with Lynda and was obviously holding her back, I got her family history and one tale started at mile 3 and lasted 2 and half miles it was interspersed with the odd grunt from me as this was all I could manage. We were running at 5.19min/km pace I am usually comfortable at 5.30 km. Anyway after 9 miles either Lynda had run out of tales (which I seriously doubt) or just need to step up the pace, so I said I would see her at the finish as she disappeared up the road. I plodded on to about 11 miles and hit the wall it was jog in from here time. I don’t think the 60 mile club hill ride and a game of squash on Saturday was doing me any favours. I managed to get round in 1.55 2min slower than last year which was a bit disappointing but as I am just trying to get base miles in to build my fitness up for the May half marathon it was OK.

Betty did well and beat her time from last year so she is getting fitter and stronger.

It’s also my big brothers 50th birthday this March so if you read this Stephen have a good one mate, love Fred xxx

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