Hampshire Hilly 100

Last Sunday 10th of May I rode the Hampshire Hilly 100 sportive. The event runs like this you turn up collect your registration details, timing chip and number. Proceed to the start place your timing chip in reader and off you go. your time is recorded at the 50 mile mark and then again at the finish 100 miles later. You follow the route markers around the course which was very easy. There were 3 feed stations where you can refill your water bottles and take on some carbs.

It’s not a race but there are three finishing times Gold, Silver and Bronze.

There were a few BTS riders entered and Julia, Ian, Simon, Guy and I rode together. The Weather was great and the route was almost traffic free with some great view of Hampshire. We had a great time and really enjoyed the ride it was a nice even pace of just over 16 mph average for the 100 miles. I arrived home had my tea turned on the telly and promptly fell asleep on the settee.

I have posted some photos and low quality video on my Picasa web site link below.

Hampshire Hilly 100

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