Full On Tri duathlon 29th of April 2009

This was my first multi sport event of 2009. A few BTS members were racing so we decided to cycle over from Windsor as a bit of a warm up. Betty and I cycled to Windsor to pick up some of the other racers. Then it was the 25 miles out to the race. I had heard that Tim Don had entered that race, but I put this down to some good publicity from the race organisers. That was until the Don was racking his bike just up from me. The good news was that there was two waves, one for the vets and Ladies, and the other for Mr Don and friends that set off 30mins before my wave. The race was great fun with the run being a combination of road and off road tracks, the bike was three laps of a private road circuit. I finished well down the field 84th out of 195 in 1.25. Not bad for me and a another 10km of running in my legs.

The Don ripped the field apart and won by 3 mins. I have some video of him but it’s too depressing to watch. I might post it if I get a chance to upload it to Picasa sometime.

Here’s a link to the race results

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