The Swashbucklers Hard Half Ironman race report

Last weekend I completed my first Half Ironman Triathlon down in the New Forest. I completed the race but it taught me a hard lesson, which is to know my limits. Something to know about me is that I enjoy swimming and really like to ride my bike, running is something I do in races and find it difficult to run between races. Well I can say that if you don’t put the training mile in on the run you will crash and burn in a Half Ironman.

Beth and I drove down to the New Forest on Saturday afternoon to register and pitch our tent. We were camping as it was a 5.45 am start and it is not worth booking into a hotel for a start this early. I had entered this race due to a bit of nagging from Neil Potter. You must remember Neil He’s the one that convinced me that racing in last Autumns Ball Buster See here for report Well Neil did his usual and pulled out at the last minute 😉 (due to a chest infection) and to be fair hid did agree to help the race organiser and marshal one of the drink stations. Tim Phills another BTS member also entered and we meet at registration and the finish to talk about how hard the run was (Tim’s and mine race splits are at the end of this post). Anyway we were up at 4.00am for some breakfast and down to the race start 5.30 for a last minute race brief and then into the water for the race start.

Race start was 5.45 so this is about 5.30. What a great morning

Race start was 5.45 so this is about 5.30. What a great morning

If you look closely you can see me on the far lefthand side waving back at Betty

If you look closely you can see me on the far lefthand side waving back at Betty

Well the swim went well and I was into T1 in 31 min’s, out on the bike course and was back into T2 with a 2 hour 27 min’s bike this is where it started to go badly wrong. The run was a 2 lap course of 11km per lap. Even straight of the bike I was being passed by faster runners and I was only getting slower. I was targeting a 2.10 run but ended with a 2.26 run and suffered badly. A total time of 5.25 I was hoping to be nearer 5 hours but considering how bad the run went I am happy with the race. It means I am going to have to put in the running miles as I have two more half ironmen races this year. I am also looking forward to Windsor tri next weekend.

Nearly There Now !!!!

Nearly There Now !!!!

POS  NAME          Cat Pos    Swim            Bike           Run           Total

130  Tim Phillis      34           00:33:47   02:34:02    02:01:05    05:08:55

178  John Booker  23          00:31:37   02:27:47    02:26:00   05:25:25

John (aka) Fred.

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