Perranporth Triathlon 2009

You can find some more photos from the weekend here.

Perranport Surf Triathlon 2009

OK last weekend found Betty and I in Perranporth again for the 2009 version of their Surf Challenge Triathlon. This year the surf was up a bit with 4 foot waves and a bit of wind on the bike and run course.
Needless to say Betty and I had a great weekend in Perranporth again and the race plus the welcome form all the locals we met was fantastic. This years times were a little bit slower than last year 2.23, compared to 2.21 last year, but given the conditions, I am not to disappointed and just by coincidence I finished 96th for the second year running and 31st in my age group.

I can’t recommend this race enough and it would be great to see a few more BTS members enter.

Here is the link to the race site.

And some photos from this years race.

PS I’m the one in the Orange/Pink swim cap

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