Burnham Beeches 10km

OK so I get a call from Neil Potter last Friday evening asking if I was going on the club rode on Saturday morning. I had checked the weather forecast and It was due to rain from late Friday through to Saturday afternoon. Also I know that the Burnham Beeches 10km run due to start at 10.30 on Saturday. We agreed to check the weather in the morning at 8.00am and if it was still raining we would try and get a entry to the BB 10km run. Well the forecast was right for a change and at 8.00am it was still raining so the 10km run it was.

If you check out the photos below you will know why we chose the right option.This was the third running of this race and is in support ot the Rotary Club and the Beeches trust. I ran last year and recorded 00:50:23. This year they lengthed the course to avoid all the runners entering a steep downhill single track path at the same time. So my 00:51:59 was OK. Neil hadn’t been running a lot over the last couple of weeks so he just jogged round with me as he would have been a lot quicker if he was running on his own.

Anyway check out the photos and have a look at the City of London website if you want to know more about Burnham Beeches link here.

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