Just made it to France

We just about made it to France. The plan was to drive down to Dover and catch the Ferry on Friday afternoon but as usual work got in the way and we end up leaving home at about 4pm. Still we did get a Ferry across (Alexander told us that they closed the port on Saturday). Anyway to cut a long drive/story short. We drove through the night and two snow storms to make it to the foot of Les Arc on Saturday morning at 5.0am. Two hours of sleep in the car a quick coffee and a trip to the lift pass office found us on the train up to Arc 1600. We spent the morning trying to find our way around Arc 2000 in flat light and fog and then gave up and headed over to Vallendry for the trees and some lunch. Found a great restaurant for food and beer and some nice skiing we headed back to the car and drove to Val D’Isere more snow on the way meant that I spent an hour putting on the snow chains. We then drove a\round Val D’Isere for another hour trying to find the apartment we booked. FOund it at last tucked behind the Foret Bar with no sign.

We had three days of sunshine and skiing on great snow that had just been laid down. Kast two days have been flat light with snow on the first and the worst of conditions on the second low cloud but no snow. Still we have been out all day but did have a longish lunch.

More to come soon.

Skiing in Val D'Isere

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1 Response to Just made it to France

  1. Alex Booker says:

    Conveniently tucked away behind foret “bar”. What a stoke of luck. Just a mere stumble from bar to apartment! Haha, hope you’re having fun.

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