Return of the Biscuit Boy & Cheese & Pickle Hula Hoops

What all this? You will probably be asking. Well in the dim and distant past (Mid 1990’s) I use to share a house with Kim and Adrian Robinson, way up north in Loughborough. If you live south of Watford you will probably be asking where’s that? Well it’s just off junction 23 of the M1. Adrian and I used to work for British Gas in those days. We would get home from work/football training/the pub and I would tuck into Cheese and pickle rolls (these were called cobbs in the East Midlands) and a packet of Hula Hoops, Adrian would grab a packet of biscuits and a cup of tea, Kim would just shaking her head with the rubbish we were talking about, a fair amount of “Pish” taking went on and we used the names above plus a few others!!!! Well Kim and Adrian emigrated to Australia about ten years ago they now have two boys (Issac & Harry) and live in Sydney (Here’s a link to Kim’s facebook site). Adrian was back in the UK for a flying visit and dropped in for a few beers plus a curry. It great to catch up on some old times and it got me to thinking of the football tours we went on:

1995 – Out of Control Tour – Amsterdam
1996 – Born Lucky Tour – Dublin
1997 – On The Pish Tour – Edinburgh
1997 – Drug Her Up Tour – Amsterdam

I will try to dig out some old photos a scan them so that I can post them. Here are selection of the names we used to go under:
Jimmy the Kipper
Bobble hat
Melon head
Spud you licker

And here are some photos from the curry house:

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