Ful On Tri Duathlon 2010 Race report

The race season has started at last. Yes it’s true I completed my first multi event race of the year on Saturday. Betty and I had agreed to cycle over to Kempton Park race course, where the 2010 Ful-On-Tri Duathlon was taking place. This is new location for the race and had a very technical 6 lap bike course with a few dead turns and some narrow sections. The run was two laps around the inside of the race course and it was all dead flat. As I said this was my first race of the season and the run was going to be tough as I haven’t run for two months due to a lower back problem. Joining me on the start line were Lynda, Sarah, Jo, Heather, Erica, Dan, Guy and of course Betty who cycled over with us to support and record some of the action. The video is low quality as it was taken on our still camera but it gives an idea of the post race rubbish we all talk.

Back to the race and I was happy with my times as I haven’t been training much and have done no running at all. I was finished in 1.27 just a minute slower than last year. Congratulations must go the Lynda and Heather as they both won prizes 3rd female and 3rd female vet respectively and bad news for Guy who was DQ due to following the lead pack on the run course who took a wrong turn and missed out a bit of the course.

First Name Last Name Club M/F Run 1 Ride Run 2 Total Finsih pos Gend Pos Cat Pos
Lynda Hart BTS F 0:21:24 0:35:41 0:21:34 1:18:39 139 13 4
Heather Martin BTS F 0:25:09 0:38:19 0:25:06 1:28:34 180 27 1
Sarah Cribb BTS F 0:26:16 0:42:00 0:27:23 1:35:39 198 43 14
Jo O’Leary BTS F 0:29:55 0:45:18 0:31:04 1:46:17 206 51 4
Erica Bensly BTS F 0:29:52 1:50:54 208 53 2
Dan Spiers BTS M 0:22:13 0:38:10 0:21:19 1:21:42 73 109 27
John Booker BTS M 0:26:15 0:34:43 0:26:17 1:27:15 175 137 9
Guy Middleton BTS M 0:17:34 0:33:02 0:19:52 1:10:28 114 39 7

Ful-On-Tri Duatlon

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