Perranporth Surf Challenge Triathlon

Perranporth 2010

Just back from the Perranporth Surf Challenge Triathlon. This year was the roughest yet. The sea was a real rough ride with choppy waves that were tightly packed and they seemed to be coming from all directions. This is the closest I’ve come to giving up on a swim. There were some real monster waves that felt about 6/8 feet tall and they were breaking a long way out so it was tough going all the way to the turn boy and it didn’t get much better swimming along the beach. I got dumped end over end on two of the incoming waves and started to walk as soon as my feet felt the sand. The bike wasn’t much better with a strong wind blowing which as always seemed to be against me for the whole bike. I have looked at my times for this race over the last three years and I have been getting slower every year 😦 Still it’s a great race and we had a lovely weekend and will be back again next year. I will post some photos soon

Year Pos Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total
2008 96 00:30:53 00:01:00 01:12:02 00:00:45 00:37:06 02:21:49
2009 96 00:31:20 00:01:29 01:12:44 00:00:48 00:37:26 02:23:51
2010 129 00:25:46 00:01:41 01:17:07 00:01:05 00:38:21 02:24:01

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