Old Photos!!!!!

I have been thinking that Beth and I have been together for just over 19 years. I know you must be thinking that I met her when she was just 12!!!, but it’s true, “we have been together for 19 years” (not that Betty was 12 when we met) Alexander was just 3 and he will be 23 soon. Well we have taken loads of photos over the years and these have been in a big box up in the loft. I have been thinking of scanning these onto our PC so that we can look at them and also embarrass Alex with photos of him when he was small. £70 poorer and the proud owner of a basic negative scanner. I can now share the results with the rest of the world. P.S the rest of our families should also worry about what is about to be posted over the next few months.

Here’s a little sample.

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