New Forest Half Ironman in the bag

OK so this was my last Triathlon of the year and it proved to be a tough bugger. I had done my usual prep for the race i.e. Sod all.

Well this is not strictly true I did race the Maidenhead half a couple of weeks ago and have been putting a lot of miles on my bike. So I thought should be ok to get around this difficult tri. The main problem and what makes it tough is that the bike is more rolling than you would think and the run is 95% off road on sandy tracks and flint paths. It also has a 1:4 hill plus a lot of other steep climbs on the run.

So an analysis of my splits follows the usual pattern

Swim 38mins, this equates to 140th place in full field and 5th in my age group.
Bike 2hours 44mins, 21st place in full field and 2nd in age group
Run 2hours 11min, 189th full field and 8th in age group.
Total 5hours 35mins, 87th full field and 6th in age group.

I was happy with my overall time and given my lack of running and the difficult run course I guess the run time was ok’ish

I have screen grabbed a few photos from the web site to give a flavour of the race.

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