The Wiggle New Forest Sportive

So last weekend, Simon, Jeeves and I cycled down to the New Forest on Saturday and road the Wiggle Sportive on Sunday. It was a great weekend and the weather was stunning. We crashed over at Julie and Barry’s House on Saturday night and went out for a meal in one of the many pubs in Brockenhurst Betty had joined us at this point and a beer driven pool and punk rock jukebox frenzy was in full swing as the last orders bell was struck. Not a good sign for the 100 miles to come on Sunday.

Still we were all at the start on time and had a great day even if a few of us took what is affectionally know as the Tim Pom short cut on the bike ride. I have downloaded a Sports Tracker app to my IPhone and you can see the route we took down and the sportive ride if you follow the links below. I have not worked out how to fully embed them into the blog yet but I might just cut and paste a few screen shots later.


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