BTS Awards Dinner & the Return of the Sunday Run Club

Saturday was the annual BTS Dinner Dance and awards night. This is usually a  beer, wine and cocktail driven affair so I was a bit surprised when our good friend Lynda Hart proposed starting the Sunday Run Club the following day (The Sunday Run Club usually leaves our house about 10am and we head out into Burnham Beeches) I was even more surprised when we got a few others saying they wanted to run as well. So Saturday night follows the accepted form with many of the members meeting up before the dance and bogging into the cocktails (you know who you are Jo O’Leary). Much wine was drunk at the tables and this was followed by Lynda inviting a few others back to her house to finish the evening off in style. Betty and I had left to make cakes for the post running gossip session. Well you can imagine my surprise when I got a text from Lynda saying she had a headache and wouldn’t be running this week (not). Still Gope did turn up and fair play to him he cycled over. So just over 10k later we were back home. You can see details of our run below. It’s great to be out in the Beeches this time of year there are some spectacular colours on the trees and the weather was perfect for running. Great weekend I even got some gardening done we are off to the pub for a Sunday evening chill session.

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