Our Guide has been shot by a Tusken Raider

A couple of weeks ago the regular BTS A ride were out and about, boldly following our leader, Darran. He is the regular A Ride leader and all-round good egg and was leading his disciples and followers of the true Cycling faith on a tour of the Chiltern Hills.

Unbeknown to Darran there had been reports of Tusken Raiders in and around Cookham and Marlow. Add this together with Darran looking like a slightly more mature version of Anaken Skywalker (before the helmet and black suit) although come to think of it Darran does have a black Helmet and wears a lot of Black Cycle clothing.

Anyway back to our storey we were out in the badlands of Cookham (a bit like Tatooine) and were in fall flight down Winter Hill into Marlow. When a Tusken Raider took a pot shot at Dazzer and he went down like a sack of spuds on the hairpin bend. Some said they felt the ground shake in Windsor but I couln’t comment on that.

The call went out to International Rescue and Gope and Katey Walker (not related to Anaken) launched Thunderbird 2 (you can fit some major kit in the hold of Thunderbird 2) and dragged Darran out of the danger zone and off to hospital. Now this caused some concern to the regular A riders (there was even some mention of rule 5) and lots of muttering about how Darran had let us down. What were we going to do now without a guide? Turns out we followed Chris for a while but soon bored with that we split up into smaller groups and made our way back to the Chocolate Cafe in Windsor.

Now this has left us with a longer term problem Darran has bust his thumb and can’t ride for about 6 weeks. It looks like we are just going to have to take turns at leading the ride. In an attempt to get some consistency into the guiding I have uploaded a couple of You Tube videos that show you how to plan a route using Google Maps and how to convert these into a Screen shot and a GPX File that can be loaded into a Garmin device.

Hope you find them usful

How to Plot a MAP using Google Maps

How to Convert the MAP into JPG and GPX File

You decide

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