To Ride or Not to Ride? That is the Question

So the back garden looks like this on Friday morning

This leads to the big question shall I ride on Saturday morning? Anaken has asked me to lead the B ride. There has been a bit snow melt on Friday but overnight temperatures were forecast as -11 so any standing water would turn to ice overnight. When your tyres are only 25mm wide this leads to a quick dismount and a rapid contact with the frozen ground. Still I had told Darran that I would guide the B ride.

Much to Betty’s dismay I headed out of the house at 8.30 in full winter gear. Skiing Gloves plus inner gloves, two pairs of socks and overshoes, thermal leggings and four tops.

It turns out the main roads were OK. I headed over to Windsor for the start of the ride, to find only Darran (had a sick note from his Mum) and Simon (the A ride guide). A quick chat and we headed for the Chocolate Cafe for a coffee and some more chat.

Simon and I headed out about 20 mins later with the Sun shining and a chilly -7 but it slowly warmed up to an almost tropical -2 by 12 O’Clock and we had a great 75km loop out to Henley and back. (you can see the details below)

If you want to see the full details

follow this link

When I got home I was reminded of the rules of cycling of which there are many but in short you just need rule 5 to get by in cycling and life, it is abbreviated to HTFU. And states the following: Harden The Feck Up

Enough said, I’m off for a Run.

Link to the Rules

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