Is it better to live one day as a Lion? or a lifetime as a Worm?

Is it better to live one day as a Lion? or a lifetime as a Worm?

I was reminded of this quote by a good friend Mr Weatherall. We were having a bit of e-mail banter about cycling in the cold and dark. I remembered a quote from Red Dwarf, it is from a scene where the Cat say’s to Rimmer it’s better to live one day as a Lion rather than a lifetime as a Worm.

This had me thinking about the risk we all take in life, and do I really think about what I’m doing, or do I just do it, and after having done it think “phew that was close”.  I guess someone who likes to descend the pot holed hills in Berkshire on a pair of 25mm wide tyre at 60kph it must be the latter.

Having said that, I now find my hart rate increasing  when coming in to land on planes, combined with a mild level of stress. Years ago I really looked forward to the take off and landings when flying. Is it an age thing? probably yes, as I get older I think more about what could happen. Even though I know the odds are low, it still doesn’t stop me worrying about it, a bit.

I remember skiing in the Alps many years ago in Val D’Isere. I was with a couple of friends that happen to be brothers. Now these two were competitive and would play a game of dare where we did more and more stupid things, I guess that’s just what brothers do, still back to the Val D’Isere. It had snowed overnight and we were looking to ski off piste, we came up to a roped off section with an avalanche warning and we all agreed that it was too dangerous to duck under  the rope. Skied 20 meters down the piste and cut back into the avalanche area.

Would I do the same today? Probably not.

I have no answers to the question but it does give me an excuse to post the photos from the recent trip Betty and I took to Val D’Isere and here they are.

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  1. Betty Booker says:

    nice blog Lion x

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