What’s Worst than Running a Half Marathon?

Running one when you get to 21km and you realise there is another mile to run!!!!! That’s what (the Feckers).

So I was down in the New Forest last week to take part in the Festival of Running. I drove down with Paul Fitz. We planned to run the Half Marathon. Well they had some rain the night before and had to change the course due to a brook that had become a stream and was a bit deep to run through. This meant we had to walk two miles to the adjusted start to take account of the new course. It was a hilly flint path race and two laps. When I got to the 21km mark I realised that there was still a mile to go to the finish (sod), It shouldn’t have bothered me as I need to run longer in prep for the Marathon in April. But it just seems so unfair to have to run further than the stated distance. Still the weather was great and both Paul and I had a good time.

Next week Beth and I are of to Italy for some cycling can’t wait.

Here is a picture of my Garmin details

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