Race Report From MK Marathon

OK so the worst is over and now it’s all about recovery and getting some miles in on my bike.

Last weekend I ran the Milton Keynes Marathon and managed to get round in 4:20. I’ve never run this distance before and as usual my training left a few too many miles in my legs and not enough on the road. That’s to say I’m a lazy bugger and hardly did any training. A review of my running since the 11th of October showed the following:

  • Training Runs = 14 (4 of these were races)
  • Total Distance = 203.7km
  • Ave length = 14km
  • Longest Run = 22.84km

This equates to 2.3 runs per month and the longest run was just over half the total race distance on one of my “long” runs.

Perfect preparation in my book. The night before the race I check the weather forecast. Gale force winds and pouring rain “perfect couldn’t be better” at least I wasn’t going to overheat. Betty took one look at the weather and said I’m staying bed. I can’t say I blame her, I was sorely tempted to stay in bed myself.

Sunday morning comes and I’m on the start line, thinking bugger this, what am I doing ? I’m a fat, old, bloke that doesn’t like running, who hasn’t done enough training, what could go wrong? The front of the race heads off and I’m still fighting with the bin liner I’m wearing to keep the lashing rain and driving wind off. The plan was to start at 6min km pace and try to get faster towards the end of the race. 14km in and I get a cramp in my right calf muscle (I still have it today) and I’m running a bit quicker than the plan but I’m feeling knackered. If it wasn’t for Paul Weller, Radiohead on my iPhone and the fact that I didn’t know where I was, I think, I would have packed it in right there. I hit the 23km mark and I have got less distance to go that I’ve already run, I can make this I’m thinking. 32km mark and there’s only 10km to go. It’s in the bag, no way am I not going to be able to run just 10km. 2km to go and I can see the MK Dons stadium. At this point I’m thinking of my brother-in-law, he is an avid Wimbledon fan who would rather toast his balls on the fire than enter the MK Dons stadium, perhaps I’ll send him a photo of me at the finish!! Just Joking Jason.

Well as you already know I made it to the finish line in 4 hours 20 mins and now I can rest easy knowing that I can run a marathon. I can also cycle over 100miles and I’ve also swum 3.8km. All I have to do now is do them all in one day and I’ve got a Ironman tattoo coming.

Not for a few years yet though!!!

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Old Bloke that doesn't know when to stop
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