Skiing with Ian, Ray & Jacky

2013 gets of to a start with a bang. Late last year I get a text message from a friend in Australia (Ian) he has been there for a few years and set up home with Nicole and her daughter “Chelsea” they also now have another daughter “Heather”. Beth and I haven’t seen them for about three years now but our friendship with Ian and his brother Ray goes back 20 plus years. I first met Ian and Ray on a ski holiday in Val Thorens.  We are all that’s left of a guided group with Thompson  Ski holidays. The main part of the group were US three plus a brother and sisters and their friend Jackey. As it turned out at the end of the week Jane & John who are brother and sister shared the same surname as me, Jane and John Booker. We didn’t find that out until the end of the week when we swapped names and phone numbers. Well Ray & Jackey were married a few years later and I meet Beth through a mutual friend so you could say it was a life changing holiday and you would be right. Well we have skied together on and off for over twenty year from as far away as Canada, Australia and most of the main European resorts.

So when I get the text from Ian saying they were going to Vail in the new year, the travel agent got a call too. I’m writing this on a plane from Philadelphia to Denver and we will be in resort later today. Ian and Nicole will be here in five days and Ray and Jacky a couple of days later. Looks like we will be talking over old ski trips and new years fancy dress parties over a few beers. Let the good time roll.


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