Cuff Links & Family Ties

I recently bought a new “Peter Worth” shirt “at TKmax” and this has got me thinking about some of my family. What? I can here you saying, “How has a new shirt got you thinking about family”?

Well if you wait a minute, I’ll try to explain.

The shirt in question has Cuff Links and not buttons at the wrist, and now every time I wear the shirt I am reminded of my youngest sisters wedding.

This is because I was an Usher at Nancy & Jason’s Wedding and as a gift they presented me with a set of Cuff links.

I remember it as a great day and day and the Brides “Father’s speech” went down very well.

Dad is not a great public speaker and was very worried about it. He put great deal of effort into the speech and rang me several times to run it by me. I think I must have heard it about 5 times before the actual delivery of the speech on the day. Need to get some photos of the Day up on site, I have them somewhere!!!

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