A weekend cycling in France

Last weekend a few friends, Betty and I decided to pop over to France for the weekend. I had been trying to plan this for a couple of months and finally Jeeves nagged me into organising the weekend.

Three cars and eight of us set off on Friday evening for the 4:50 tunnel crossing. Drive down to Arras and have an evening of fine food and French/Belgian beers. On the Saturday six of us planned to ride stage 4 of the 2010 tour de France. This stage was an 157 km rolling stage from Cambrai to Reims. Well the riders had a team meeting on Friday night and decided 157 km just wasn’t long enough!!! so we would ride from Arras to Cambrai to add another 39 km to the ride making it a 196 km ride. It also helped the support drivers because they could spend some more time in Arras.

Saturday morning Gope, Jeeves, Martyn, Andy Lynda and me would be cycling with Katy and Betty as support drivers. Things didn’t go to plan on Saturday as Lynda had her car towed away for parking in the market square on Market day. There was no market there when we left on Friday evening and both Lynda and I managed to miss the signs in the square and at our hotel. Well about one hour thirty after we planned to leave, Lynda’s car was back from the pound and we were set to go. The day was bright but fresh with a 16 mph wind out of the North East. This was ok as we were heading South East we would have cross winds and a tail wind. It was a tough ride but the group road well together and we all made it to Reims with no crashes or punctures and we averaged 30 kmph helped by the wind and some strong riding.

Stage 4 of 2010 Tour De France 1

Here are a few photos that were taken at the weekend

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have embedded a youtube video of the actual stage race from 2010

Next trip will be a ride to the New Forest to visit some friends Julie and Barry who live in Brockenhurst. Looking forward to it already.


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