Time to Reflect and Remember

As you might know from a recent post, a few friends and I spent a weekend in France and cycled a stage from the 2010 Tour De France. It was a stage through the north of France from Arras to Reims. It was a great weekend and the cycling was tough but satisfying when we completed the ride.

As we rode along the roads of northern France we passed “more than I expected” War Cemeteries. I have looked at many of the site on the internet and it made me think and reflect on the young people who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. It also made me thankful that I live today and not 80 or 100 years ago. Below it just one of the many Cemeteries that we rode past.

Pas de Calais

Wancourt was captured on 12 April 1917 after very heavy fighting, lost in March 1918, and retaken by the Canadian Corps on the following 26 August. The cemetery was begun by the VI Corps Burial Officer in May 1917, used at intervals until March 1918, and again in August and September 1918. At the Armistice, it contained 249 graves, all in the present Plot I. It was then enlarged when 834 graves (mainly of April and May 1917) were brought in from the battlefields of Fampoux, Roeux, Monchy and Wancourt, and from a few smaller burial grounds.

The cemetery was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens & George Hartley Goldsmith

Casualty Details: UK 1076, Canada 26, South Africa 1, Total Burials: 1103


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