Cycling in the Surrey Hills

On the August Bank Holiday Alexander and I went cycling in the Surrey Hills with my Brother in-law and Nephew Jason and Oliver. Alex had finished the ride London sportive a couple of weeks before and he had been training up for this hundred mile ride for a few months, so he was obviously quite fit. Oliver who is bike mad at the moment and a big Team Sky fan, so he was really looking forward to the ride. I took one of my spare bike so that Jason could come along. Jason is keen to get some more road cycling in.

I have added the Strava output of the ride below

Strava file from our ride

Strava file from our ride

Well it was a great day out but probably a couple more hills than Jason was expecting. The ride took in the climb up to Headley, Ranmore Common, and Box Hill. This along with a load of other short sharp climbs saw all our legs feeling it.

I took my GoPro with me and have spliced a bit of footage together and uploaded it to You tube and embedded it below.

I enjoyed riding with the boys, and I don’t get out to the Surrey Hills that often, we tend to ride in the Chilterns as they are on our doorstep. By chance I had been planing a 100 mile ride with BTS for a while and the chosen date was the Saturday, two days, before riding with Oliver and the boys. Well the weather put a bit of a dampener on the group ride as heavy rain was forecast. Still we did get three riders mad enough to ignore the forecast and head out to Surrey. Mark, Simon and I made up the three. Unfortunately Simon broke a spoke about 50 miles in and had to take the train home after a short Taxi ride. Mark and I battled on and the light rain decided to get really heavy after Lunch “which was at a great pub link below”

!00 mile route to Surrey and back

!00 mile route to Surrey and back

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