Bournemouth Marathon

Not sure what went wrong, but, I found myself signed up to run the Bournemouth Marathon back in October. Now I tried to get some training runs in, but, failed miserably “again”. So as the big day approached I thought what could I do to better prepare for the run? I know, I’ll cycle to Bournemouth, the day before the run, that should get me nice and fit. Saturday comes and I head out of Windsor with Jeeves, Simon, Mark, Lynda and Tom Korff. Jeeves had worked out the route. I told him I wanted the shortest flattest route to the start of the race.

This is what we got
Bounemouth Ride

Strava reports 180km with 1.3km of climbing.

Still I could recover with a nice meal and early night to bed, right? Wrong, after a long walk into town, 6 pints of Stella, we did manage to get into a Italian restaurant at about 10:30, where a bottle of Red wine and a couple more beers went down followed by a Pizza.

At least the race didn’t start early so I did get some breakfast. Grabbed a lift to the start from Neil. 4 and a half hours later the Bournemouth Marathon was in the bag.

Bournemouth Marathon Run

Strava reports that I burnt 4608 calories on the run and 4294 calories on the bike. Now with the post ride beers and meal I reckon I should have only put on a couple of pounds for the weekend, “Result”.

Next post will be about our ride to Bath, where, I think I put about four pounds on. Don’t believe the buggers when they tell you that exercise makes you lose weight :-{

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2 Responses to Bournemouth Marathon

  1. PookyH says:

    I felt tired just reading this!

  2. Holy crap — seriously that is IMPRESSIVE.

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