How far have you been this year?

This is a question I was asked on today’s bike ride. I’m not sure but I’ll have a look when I get home. I record almost all of my bike rides on Strava and it gives a yearly total. I checked and it’s 7885.8 km. I typed this into Google to find out how many miles this was and was somewhat surprised to find out that it was the distance from London Heathrow to Vancouver. Having spent over nine hour on a flight to there some years ago. This seemed like a bloody long way! and it was. It has taken me to France, Italy, Belgium and even Northern England, I didn’t manage to get to Scotland this year but I’m sure I will next as Beth’s brother and sister live there and Jeeves has a plan for the over night train and a long weekend cycling.

Highlights of the year were cycling to Darlington on my own over two days, Cycling in the Vogues mountains with Betty, a stage of the tour du France Arris to Reims and reminding myself about the great wars and the war cemeteries, ride to Oxford, Bath, Southampton and the New Forest. Also a great week in the Cotswolds with my sister and her family, riding with Oliver ad Jason “Nephew and brother in law” and Betty and Alex was one of the best.

Enough of this now and I’m already looking forward to doing it all again next year. Thanks to great friends and family and not forgetting a very understanding and caring wife, “Betty”.

Distance from London to Vancover

PS 7885 km is 4900 miles 🙂

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One Response to How far have you been this year?

  1. Betty says:

    I have been around the world and back intellectually of course! Masters Degree – Advanced Mental Health Law applied in Practice. It makes a difference to what I am am able to achieve with the people who matter. 👍😓🍃💩💨🔙☔️

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