Hell of the North “Paris Roubaix”

I have just had a look and noticed that i haven’t posted for a while. Well my next challenge is to ride the cobbles of Paris Roubaix. Next weekend I will be heading to France with Simon and Guy for a weekend of beer and cycling. Friday night will see us in Roubaix for a few pre ride beers. Saturday we will ride the 141km sportive over most of the cobbles that the Spring Classic Paris Roubaix race run over. If we survive we will have a few more beers and Sunday get to watch the race.

Paris Roubaix

Earlier this year I had a weekend in Gent to watch the six days of Gent. This is raced over six nights in the velodrome. Racing starts a about 7pm and goes onto 2am. Its a lot of drinking time and the crowed make a lot of noise. We meet a couple of friends from Belgium and rode the cobbled climbs of Flanders. Great weekend but I did get a ticket for speeding (in the car not the bike).

Also Betty and I have just come back from Italy where we spent a week cycling out of hotel Dory. This was about my sixth visit and it is always a great pre season training week.




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