Roubaix Weekend

Guy, Simon and I all survived the Roubaix sportive and weekend although the same could not be said for my cycle helmet. Below is the story of the weekend:

When Betty and I were in Italy cycling I received an e-mail from Guy Middleton. Guy was plaining to ride the Paris Roubaix sportive with Simon Lythgoe and another friend Glyne. Unfortunately for Glyne he could make the weekend so I step in and took his place. 🙂

The weekend was great but I wouldn’t recommend staying in Roubaix as there were only two restaurants open and not many staff so you can guess what the service was like. Having said that the Pizzeria we ate in was great and the food and wine first class.

We had entred the 141km version of the sportive as this cut out the 5:00am coach tranfere to the start of the sportive. We had a rolling start from 8:00am leaving from the roubaix velodrome. The ride rode the last 18 section of cobbles so we only missed the first 10. We had a great ride and covered the 143km in just over 5 hours moving time which included one food stop, One puncture and one crash

Here are some photos from the weekend

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and an edit of the video I took with the GoPro which was clamped to my stem.

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