A draft I meant to post last year – Anyone for Ski touring in the French Alps?

Later in the year I plan to fulfil one of my long term bucket list ambitions, Alex has booked up a ski touring trip in April, there are four of us booked onto the trip and we will be leaving Chamonix and hiking over to Zermatt. This is a six day hike and we will be staying in mountain huts over the week. We are going with a company called Mountain Spirit Guides .

We had a long weekend in Chamonix to test out the equipment and our technique. We had a great weekend and weather and managed to get 46km of ski touring (Although some of this was lifts) we only bought one lift pass for €20. Below are the links to strava for the route we took.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Guided Haute Route Ski Tour Chamonix to Zermatt
Haute Route ski tour guides for your private groups.
Over 6 days we traverse the Alps from Chamonix to Zermatt on skis.
Enjoy never-ending ice landscapes while skinning over spectacular passes and peaks on your way to the next mountain hut. The trip of course also involves some beautiful off-piste descents into the valleys.
Haute Route on skis – 6 days trip
Our Haute Route program contains 6 days of ski touring and 5 nights in mountain huts between Chamonix and Zermatt. The itinerary we have chosen offers a maximum of fun skiing and less traversing compared to other possible routes. Nice dinners are served in all huts and when down in the valleys we can have a shower and re-stock on lunches and snacks.

Here are some photos from the weekend

Day 0: We meet in Chamonix in the evening and check our equipment.

Day 1: For our first ascent we take the lift from Argentiere to the top of Grand Montets. From the top station (3280m) we ski down onto the Argentiere Glacier. From there we ascend the col du Chardonnet (3323m). Over the col du Saleina we reach the Trient hut (3170m) where we spend the night. 1050m ascent, 1030m descent.

Day 2: Our second day touring we start with a descent along the Trient glacier down to Champex. From there a short taxi ride takes us to Verbier. We skin from here up to the Prafleuri hut (2662m) where they make very tasteful rösti. 400m ascent, 1700m descent

Day 3: We ski tour over the col des Roux and along the Lac Dix we ascend to the Dix hut (2928m).
About 5h traversing

Day 4: From the Dix hut we climb the Pigne d’Arolla (3790m), which will be the highest point of the week. From there we get a big ski descent all the way down to Arolla, where will spend the night in a hotel. 900m ascent, 2000m descent

Day 5: Skinning straight from Arolla up to the Bertol hut (3311m), we earn the nice turns to come on our last day…1300m ascent.

Day 6: Skiing from Bertol to Zermatt. After a short ski descent we climb the summit of Tete Blanche (3710m) followed by a long ski over the glaciers down to Zermatt.
500m ascent, 2200m descent.

As part of the preparations

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