A walk in the hills! or Backcounrty skiing from Chamonix to Zermatt

Earlier this year or was it late last year? I can’t remember, but I had a conversation with Alexander about some back country skiing. I have always wanted to try treking and  have been skiing for about 30 years now and apart from off piste itineraries in Val Thorens and few other resorts and a few runs between piste, I haven’t managed to do any. I wanted to get into the back country away from lifts and other skiers, to experience the mountains in the raw if you want.
Well Alex hatched a plan which would se us walk from Chamonix to Zermatt with a guide and staying in Mountain huts. All we needed were a couple of volunteers to join us and we would be off.
Well we managed to convince Martyn and Neil to join us. I have worked and skied with Martyn over the last 10 years and Neil was a friend of Alex’s from his ski instructors course in Canada. The trip was booked with a company called Mountain Spirit Guides http://www.mountain-spirit-guides.com/ they are based in Chamonix so we were all set, well not quite, there is a shed load of gear to get before you can even think about heading into the back country of a ski resort let alone planning to walk/climb/ski over 90km.

Also we needed a training weekend. In steps Chris, A pilot friend of Alex’s. They did there flight training together and Chris just happens to have a flat in Chamonix. A long weekend is arranged and we stay at Chris’s and Wills place. Wills is Chris’s partner so weekend to test all the kit and get used to Skinning up the Mountain. Martyn and I also hired a guide for a day. Here is a link to some photos.


And here is a presentation Alex and I put togther for the 2016 Christmas talk at the Menarry’s Family gathering.






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