Day 3 9th Aug

What do you do when there is a tree where you want to build the campsite reception and bar?

We are planning on cycling to Donfront its a 60km ride which should be spectacular view of the gorge and countryside. 

Well some days, you are the hammer and some days, the bloke with the hammer just keeps smashing your legs with it. Guess which happed today? 

As I sit here typing we are in Flers in a campsite at the top of the hill we are both tiered and ready for bed. We tried dodging the rain today and were not very successful i.e. we got soaked and very cold. At one stage we were in the Bocage under a giant Oak tree watching a river run down the road. So 51km today of hilly riding in mostly wet’ish conditions, but, when the showers passed and we could see the views they were fantastic. Early to bed tonight.


About fred1960

Old Bloke that doesn't know when to stop
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2 Responses to Day 3 9th Aug

  1. Lynda says:

    Love it! Great place for a tree. Good photos, hope the campsite wasn’t too wet.

  2. fred1960 says:

    Yes I think the tree had been there for sometime. It was a great view when we were having our Petite déjeuner.

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