Day 6 Left in the rain and arrived in a downpour😩 

Yes it started to rain just as we got up so after waiting an hour to see if it would stop, No, we packed the tent and were about to head into town when I noticed that my front tyre was flat. Oh deep joy. 20min later and a replaced inner tube due to the one in the wheel being split. We head into town to get some supplies. 

This is because we didn’t get any dinner last night. It might have been because it was Friday but all the restaurants were full. So we had to go and eat what food we had at the tent. One packet of Pennuts, two packets of M&M’s, half a bagget and four slices of cheese. 😕

The ride today was great though. The morning rain stopped about 1 hour in and although it was dull and overcast most of the day the views were spectacular and we stopped to take some photos of a river crossing in Ambrières-les-Vallées. 

We arrived at the campsite in Mayenne just as the heavens opened again and as I’m typing this we are waiting for the shower to pass before pitching the tent. The campsite looks nice.

And now to quote of the day. Bettie asked why she always got oil marks on her right shine. I explained that is because that’s where the chainrings are. I also explained “You could avoid them if you peddled with Souplesse” like me:-) look it up

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