Day 7 No rain today😁

Today was a short amble along the river  Mayenne 

after a small mishap at the start of the day we were on the route and heading in the right direction. This section is a cinder path along the rivers edge. The ride is split by the weirs along the ride and they are all set as dead drops so as we ride along it look like a desertion of infinity falls along the river. 

Also we stopped for some lunch at one of the few cafe’s that were open “on a Sunday in France” Where we sampled a bottle if Rose wine. We have decided to take photos of the wine bottles and also grade them on a scale of 1 to 10 in the hope of finding a great wine and then being able to remember what they are so we can get them again.

This wine scored solid 4.5

So after yesterday’s quote of the day, you may remember me telling Betty to cycle with Souplesse to avoid chain ring tattoos. I present the following.

We also had a minor mechanical with the trailer as it pulled the rear wheel out of the frame. I have tightened it all back up and it seems to be working fine now.

quote of the day is more of a question. Fred;

“Avez-vous un gas du Camping”? “No” 

“Avez-vous un sandwich” “No”

“Avez-vous un bottle du Vin Rose” “Oui”

 This one gets a 5.

We have found the campsite and again it is a the top of a bloody hill, but it is nice and quite with a great view from our tent. excuse the washing.

check the photos page to see some old motorbikes and more weirs here.

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