Day 19 – Bordeaux Wine country!

So here we are in Port Mèdoc just on the tip of the Bordeaux Wine region. You can get some of the most expensive wine in the world from this region. It is rammed packed with Vineyards, Cavès and Château’s selling fine wine. So Bettie and Ray find a wine cooperative in town and buy two 1.5 liter plastic bottles of wine for €12.

We have decided to spend another night on the boat and have just had a short cycle to the Plange and locale town. Ray and Jackie have fold-up bikes on board so we could cycle together. On the ride we came across this small scale replica of the Statue of Liberty you can read more about it here.

The coast in This part of France is all one big cycle path and we had a lovely 22km ride and are looking forward to swimming later and Ray’s Baked Cod on spring veg for tea.

here are some photos.

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