Day 20 – Betties on the road again

We have said goodbye the Hasta Leugo and Ray & Jackie of course. It has been a great break from our holiday, a bit like a mini holiday within the holiday. Bettie and I packed up and said goodbye to the large double bed and headed South again.
Our next target is to get to Bordeaux. Bit this will probably take three days. Although we bit off a big chunk with a 68km ride today. Tonight we have camped just outside Hourtin. It’s Saturday so we had to make sure we have enough food for tomorrow as France will once again be closed on Sunday. To be fair now we are close to holiday town and resorts there are some bars and restaurants open but we don’t want to taker a chance and have stocked up with food.

Today’s ride looked mostly like this.

We did find a nice beachside restaurant that even had a veggie burger on the menu, but Bettie went for the omelette and I had a four cheese salad avec Fritz which was very nice.

The beaches along this part of France are stunning and massive. It all seems to be reclaimed land from the sea very sandy and lots of pine forest.

The ride today was 95% bike paths and there were all very flat and straight. The campsites were mostly very close to the sea and packed with kids and familys or youngsters. So we headed inland a bit and have found and very quiet site that has clean showers and toilets but is very quiet so we should get a good nights sleep. That’s if we can get used to the camp beds again😕 Tomorrow we will head inland as that’s the way to Bordeaux.

There is no Wi-Fi here and the 3G is slow so I’ll add a few more pictures to this post later.

here’s today’s ride

and tonight’s Rosè is 7.3 it was €2.99 from Aldi

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