Day 21 – We have reached maturity, I’ll drink to that🥂🍻🍾🎉

Today started like many others. We had coffee and porridge talked a bit about where we wanted to get to, packed up and headed out of the campsite. The plan was to ride for about 40km and find a campsite. Well if you take a look as per Strava file it will show another 60km plus day and a bit of an out and back route where we went the wrong way again for 5km each way. What it won’t show it the lighting storm we got caught in so here are a couple of photos.

We thought we had found a campsite but the man wouldn’t let us pitch our tent and wanted to us to rent a caravan, which we declined. We could find another site close enough so have ended up in an Ibis hotel for the night. It’s just outside Bordeaux so we mighty spend another night here and visit Bordeaux tomorrow before heading off back towards Biarritz. The temp today before the thunder storm was Scorrcio and we stopped for a quick picnic lunch to get some shade. This was before the hour and a half storm delay.

Finally we found a nice Italian restaurant open and guess what it was really busy. We had some nice food and wine. I asked for Vin Du Region, but was told they only sold Italian wine so tonight’s

Rosè which scored 7.5 is

Now for a sleep in a real bed.

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