Ethical Home Hunting In Devon

Last weekend saw Bettie and I back in the West Country looking for a place to retire. This is part of our ongoing plan to discover the country and look at potential areas where we might want to settle down and spend some quality time close to the see and follow a slower pace of life. A month or so ago I was reading an article in Pebble magazine about Totnes which according to Pebble is one of the most ethical places to live in the country. With coffee shops like the Hairy Barista a Vegan Friendly Coffee shop also Totnes Brewing  a Craft Beer Brewery in the middle of town.  It also boast a Zero Waste food Store Called Earth Food Love  They state that they are The Uk’s only Zero Waste, organic, bulk-buy, plant-based, wholefoods shop.  Also The Riverford Farm is located just outside Totnes. These are the guys that will provide you with a Organic Veg box to your door on a weekly basis.

Well this sounded just up Bettie’s and my passage. So a month later we are off down the M5 for a long midweek break. We wanted to see what all the fuss was about and also visit the south coast. Totnes is about 12 miles from the sea. Heres Bettie with the full Blue, Blood moon in the high street. As you can see its not a very wide high street.  Altough to be fair this was towards the top where it narrowed and also where most of the organic/veg/ethical shops were.


We both enjoyed Totnes, we had a hairy Coffee and some Kraft Beers.

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