International Women’s Day & Me old Hat

So Betty and I have settled in to Chamonix life. In our nice apartment, It is right in the middle of town. This has some advantages, but can also be quite noise at night. Even though we are on the 5th floor. 4am it a good time to shout a lot! espically if you are off your tits and like to let the whole town know it.

Now back to International Women’s Day.

The local cinema in Chamonix had a screening of “Voies Féminines”, which translates to Women’s Ways. The film was in French, but we checked and there were English subtitles. So we decided to support the movement by parting with £15 for two tickets. What we didn’t realise that there were to be four films all in French and also the women in the main film were there to talk about their experiences, of following their passion in the very male dominated world of  Climbing and ski touring  etc. Also two “I assume” local dignitaries (both Men?) were there to introduce them and ask them questions.  It is needless to say our French skills were lacking and we didn’t understand any of the Q&A session. Still we had a good time and the Women were amazing. See poster for the film below.

Image may contain: text

Oh yes onto me old hat.

I have been skiing since about 1985 and in that time many thing have changed in my life. For a start Alexander had not been born yet and I was still married to my first wife. Now to cut a long story short in about 1990, When Alexander was 3 and I had just split with his mum, I had a chance to go on a ski holiday on my own for the first time and the day before I realised that I need a wooly hat Pour Ma Tête. I rushed into C&A’s and returned with the following.20180317_143912.jpg

This hat has been travailing with me to various ski resorts from Austrailer, Canada, America and Europe. For the last 30 or so years.

Here it is on its first outing in 1990’ish in Courcevel with Mont Blanc in the background.Old Skiing Photos (10 of 16) (1)

and one from 2015 which I think is in Tignes20160712_144114

It has been snowing here almost constantly and we are hoping to get out skiing again tomorrow. That’s  if they stop blasting the mountain to make it safe and the visibility clears.




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