Monty B and Winter Returns

That’s right Winter has returned to the Alps, we were expecting spring skiing in March. That’s long sunny days with hard packed piste in the morning with slushy snow in the afternoons.

Well Bettie and I decided to Ski Brévent area yesterday. Two reasons for this were it is in full Sun all day and provided a bit of shelter from the wind that had closed The Le Tour ski area at the head of the valley. Well we were forced of the mountain at 3:30pm due to – 20°C temps at the top station and frozen fingers. Here is a photo we took and it looks great with Monty B just above my head, But it was officially “Bloody Freezing” PS note that “Pappa Smurf” has returned “Green Hat” it’s still the warmest hat that I have and I’ve tried lots over the last 25 years believe me!


This is the view from our balcony this morning with Monty B just above us. We are planning to go ski Les Grand Montets area today. Let’s hope that its a bit warmer today.


Here’s a collection of some of the photos we have taken.


The forecast is for a couple more days of Sun before the Snow returns and we are expecting another meter of snow next week, with sub zero temperatures every day.


Well that was just Before Alex arrived and Bettie left to go home to meet her Father who is coming to stay a few days before we head for Italy and a cycling holiday. It’s a tough life being retired.

Alex is here so that he I and a couple of friends can plan an attempt to skitour to the top of Monty Blanc. He has hatched a plan for a week of training in preparations for the tour to the top of Monty B.

One trip was to ski tour to the Grand Paradiso which is the highest mountain contained within Italy. It is just over 4000m high. Day 1 was to tour to The Victor Emmanuel hut  and then on Day two skin to the summit of the Grand Paradiso. Well I say skin but at the top it was a crampon walk up and across a Glacier and then a room know scramble to reach the summit. Here are a few photos from the trip.

As I write the end of this post I am sitting in the bar of Hotel Dory in Italy. We didn’t even try to get to the top of Mont Blanc. There are several reasons for this but the main one being that the winter has returned and two days of snow were forecast and duly arrived. We also learned that we would need more than a day to recover from a 4000m ascent. Also I was pushing time because I had to get back to the UK in time to fly out to Italy. Alex, Chris and I did skin up to the top lift in le tour. More photos.

And finally our French Ski trip is over and we have had a great time in Chamonix although we didn’t ski as much as we thought we would, also we didn’t try nordic skiing or snow shoeing and many of the other thing we planned to do. Still next year we may get to spend a whole season next year.

Next post will be about cycling in Riccione, Italy.


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