Day 1 Reading to Midgham

The day started well but we were running late and needed to walk the 3km to the train station in record time just to get the train to Reading and the start of the walk. Fortunately Norma “our next door neighbour” was just leaving and offered us a lift. “Good news” we wouldn’t miss the train, “bad news” the train was cancelled and we had to wait 30 mins for the next one. Still we made it to Reading and our walk could start. We had planned a longish walk on Day one according to the guide about 24km.

As you can see from the strava map it was 27km. The heat had also taken a toll and we were tired when we got to the B&B we had booked for the night. It is called the Meadow Thatch and was very nice we had our own living room and a very comfortable bedroom.  Just what we needed after a long walk. We managed to stop for dinner at the  Row Barge on the way to the B&B.

Here are some photos of the walk.

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